is the leading provider of technical and medical assistance in Egypt. CONNEX offers a number of services including:

  • Doctors and SOS 24-hours service
  • Medical advice
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Active case management and cost containment
  • Repatriation all over Egypt
  • Quality Medical Service Control
  • Stretcher flight Repatriation
  • Medical escort team and facilities
  • Technical Assistance Services
  • Aboard Air Ambulance Repatriation
  • Medical counseling
  • Medical Staffing
  • Human remains Embalming & Repatriation
  • Hotel and Hospital arrangements
  • Touring arrangements
  • Business assistance facilities
  • Safety Surveys
  • Cost Containment and case Control
  • Cash Advance payments
  • Cost Surveys
  • Marketing statistics and surveys
  • Local and Overseas medical Escort
  • Medical emergency equipment supplies

CONNEX Middle East has offices located in Egypt and the UAE and covers the complete Middle East & North African region.  Connex Assistance utilizes our services by admitting its patients to El Salam Hospital when the case lies within our vicinity. They rely on our expertise in quality medical services and efficient management procedures. It is fully equipped with repatriation facilities, a fully experienced team of personal, and cash advance facilities in any amount.

Some of the many cases which we have collaborated on include medical staffing and equipment provision, ambulance vehicles, embalming and repatriation services.

Embalming procedures can be performed in both El Salam Hospital morgue in the Red Sea region or Spring hospital morgue in Cairo. Connex Assistance undertakes embalming certification and repatriation in exact accordance to IATA rules and regulation.

Our success of working in collaboration with Connex Assistance can be attributed to our mutual expectations of high quality standards of service.

To find out more about CONNEX Assistance, you can visit their website at