El Salam Hospital has the only dialysis center in Egypt which is directly on the beach.  Patients can feel like they’re still on holiday while receiving renal dialysis treatment.  Connected up to the dialysis machine, they still have a clear view of the beach and sea only a few meters away.

The Dialysis Center offers renal dialysis patients a dream holiday as our location is suited to allowing patients, friends and family to stay nearby at one of three famous four and five stars hotels. At only a two-minute walk, a special entrance is available to Arabia Beach Hotel, Belair and Arabella which are directly adjacent to the hospital.

The Dialysis Center is a dedicated section located in the west wing of El Salam Hospital with beautiful views of the Red Sea, its beaches and its unmissable sunrises.  As an integral division of the hospital, it allows for both necessary renal dialysis as well as secondary and tertiary medical care.