El Salam Hospital has installed first-class equipment in the dialysis centre to provide patients the high-quality service available. Our equipment consists of Fersinius S4008, Fernsinius O.R. and Mobile Fersinius machines and top of the range dialyzing sets and disposables are used. In addition, a world-renown and very effective disinfectant, Dialux, is applied to ensure machines are sterilized efficiently.

El Salam Hospital aims to provide our services for all dialysis patients and even includes special machines to cater for hepatitis C patients. However, we are unable to offer dialysis for Hepatitis B and HIV patients.

The water treatment is equipped with state of the art European standard technology for high ultra filtration, Fresenius Osmotic Reversed (O.R.) treatment unit for complete Asyptic high ultra filtration dialysis.  The features of the water treatment machines include:

  1. Reversed osmosis double filter
  2. Ultra-violet disinfection
  3. Heat water disinfection
  4. Bacterial filters
  5. Endotoxin filters
  6. Stainless Steel piping
  7. Approved by the German Standard