Headed by professor of nephrology, Dr. Magdy Sharqawy, our staff of doctors and European nurses are dedicated to providing unparalleled renal dialysis. Our internationally trained team of specialists to assist where necessary. Some of the doctors include:

Dr. Magdy Sharqawy

Professor of Nephrology
Professor of Nephrology, Ain Shams University, MBBCh, MD, PHD in Nephrology

Dr. Mohamed Said

Master of Nephrology
Master of Nephrology, Specialist Nephrologist from Mansoura Nephrology Centre. MBBCh, MS

Dr. Ahmed Yehya

Consultant Internal Medicine & ICU
Consultant Internal Medicine & ICU, MBBCh, MD, Resident Supervisor of the Centre

Manuela Cooper

Nurse Specialist in Dialysis
Nurse Specialist in Dialysis

Samira Hassan

Nurse Specialist in Dialysis
Nurse Specialist in Dialysis

El Salam Hospital caters for tourists of all nationalities and therefore has achieved a multilingual environment where collectively, members of staff speak English, German, Russian, French and Arabic.